Citizens For Europe e.V.

Citizens For Europe e.V. is a Berlin-based, non-partisan, non-governmental and nonprofit organisation, established by young Europeans from throughout the Union in the beginning of 2010.

Its object is to support the European Union project by developing and promoting a new form of European citizenship that is independent of national and cultural attributes and empowers citizens in the EU with more political participation opportunities, from local to European level.

Together with many partners on local and European level we carry out a wide range of innovative projects, both on mid-term and long-term perspective. Some of our latest activities include:
- Symbolic Elections for EU and third-country nationals for the regional elections in Berlin
- the biannual and hybrid journal Open Citizenship combining academic articles with discourses from civil society and politics on citizenship issues
-, a social hub that allows EU expatriates to indirectly participate in national elections in the EU country of residence
- network on participation and democracy in Europe, allowing different stakeholders supporting each other in realising their projects and objectives

Besides, we organise conferences, street campaigns and interactive workshops on topics connected to citizenship and political participation. With that we bring together different stakeholders to initiate and deliberate on new forms of political participation and an inclusive and participative European society in general.

Projekt:Citizens For Europe e.V.
Themen:Demokratie, Toleranz, Integration
Adresse:Postfach 080641
10006 Berlin
Ansprechpartner/-in:Martin Wilhelm
Telefon:+49 (0)30 20 93 48 33 2
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